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A welcome from John Wilkie

Surrey, United Kingdom. Spring 2012.

A Very Good Day to You

I am a proud husband, father or two wonderful sons, Mathew and Luke and grandfather to two delightful lads called Jacob and Evan. I have had a wonderful career working in computer software and although I try not to do too much I cannot help myself, life is good.

One fine morning, I was sitting in the kitchen with my morning cup of tea chatting with my wife Jan. "Wouldn't it be nice", she said, out of the blue, if Evan had his own web site, like Amazon or the BBC but especially for him.". "Why", I asked and she said, "Well, Mathew could put all the pictures of Evans 7th birthday in its own place on his web page. Then Mathew only needs to tell all the family where to see them. He would never send them to all his aunties and uncles because it takes too long. Plus, Mat could put up a wishlist for Evan so whenever we wanted to treat the boys, all we need do is see what was on their wishlist.".

Not long after, this site was born. I got together with my old work buddies and we now truly enjoy running this service for all those people who want to be able to "achieve" things through computers without having to learn all the time consuming rubbish needed to make them "do things".

So if you have children or grandchildren you may like to consider gifting them their own site. We do all the setting up for you for free. We are one big happy family here and invite you to call if you want to ask us something. You might also like to have a look at the "Find out more" section which explains why this is worth considering.

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